So as I started on this journey of being a coach I haven’t been focused on my handmade business as much. Crazy enough it seems to be growing in views from some where. This is weird because I’ve hardly been promoting anything at all! Just the inter webs doing its job and Pinterest as well I guess. Tons of my traffic is coming from Pinterest. I now see why they said it’s a long game strategy with Pinterest. That’s cool! I’m going to build out my other Pinterest profile to help promote this blog and my Etsy shop. But this is still #2 to my coaching business. That’s my true true passion and this is my side hustle 😆

Anyway. I’ll be sharing more on this blog soon and I think this will mostly be lifestyle rambilings with a side of helpful facts. 

Stay tuned and while your at it check out my Etsy shops!

Brittanys Chik Boutik

Money Mindset Coaching 

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